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It's All Your Business

Jun 19, 2020

Hugh O'Toole, CEO of Innovu, talks with It’s All Your Business about tracking COVID-19 by using data to help companies learn how the virus could affect their employees.

The company helps employers gain insight into ways to to control costs while also guiding in ways to improve employee health. Navigating the unknowns...

Jun 11, 2020

Jessica Brooks, CEO and executive director of PBGH, talks with It’s All Your Business about being a leader of color – and a mother – during the Black Lives Matter protests.

She discusses the responsibility of employers and business leadership in making sure they are providing resources for their employees during...

May 21, 2020

Health equity, mental health, and quality of care are key issues facing those in the greater Pittsburgh region. But where do employers fit in the solution? Join The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health's new podcast, It's All Your Business, as they explore these focus areas and more... and how we can understand our...